Jobs in yacht building, shipbuilding and offshore

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Remembering why we started is essential to all of us at Van Storm. Knowing what motivates you and understanding what is important to you is our starting point for every cooperation. Our core values of integrity and social responsibility lie at the heart of our daily life and business behaviour. We believe in cooperation instead of competition, therefore our teamwork is based on free flow of information and open communication. This is how we can help you with our combined insights and support you in every step of finding a new job and maybe, even building a new life.

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From our base in the Netherlands we provide recruitment and contracting services to the international maritime technological cluster. With our combined network and extensive experience we guide highly skilled engineers and professionals in careers and projects within Yacht- and Shipbuilding, Maritime and Offshore industries. It is this clear focus that allows us to maintain up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of the field. You will find out that we can consult you on all disciplines and provide you with opportunities in every organizational and project phase.
Vacancies in the maritime technology
Commercial & Proposal

Commercial & Proposal vacancies entail projects and jobs in for instance Sales Engineering, Tender Management or Business Development.


Jobs & Projects

Procurement, Planning & Control

At Procurement, Planning & Control you will find vacancies in Procurement, Contracts and Planning Engineering as well as Project Controls and Cost Engineering and Estimation.


jobs & projects

Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering vacancies include temporary and permanent positions in all Design Engineering disciplines and in concept, basic as well as detail engineering and design.


Jobs & Projects

Construction & Manufacturing

Construction & Manufacturing offers specia- list and managerial vacancies that focus on equipment manufacturing as well as installation, on- and offshore.


Jobs & Projects

Operations & Maintenance

Within Operations & Maintenance among other vacancies are covered for Maintenance Engineers and Operations Managers, but also Service Engineering positions.


Jobs & Projects

Executive & Project Management

Executive & Project Management vacancies offer opportunities within line management, project management or on directors level.


Jobs & Interim

Our reviews

"I have truly appreciated the support I was given by the Van Storm team, both during the job search and the relocation process. My interviews were organized in a very efficient way and I feel it was really important they accompanied me to the interviews and to the registration appointment: I had nothing to think about from the practical point of view, so I could concentrate on the interviews themselves and the choice of my flat. Van Storm also gave full and accurate explanations of the proposal/contracts I received and of all the documents I would need to relocate. The most important thing is that I felt (feel) cared for, from the beginning. I like that the approach is always informal and personal, but really precise."

Lisa | Structural Engineer | Yacht Building 

"They are great recruiters in the maritime industry. They differ from other recruiting companies in the industry by showing a deep interest in the recruited person. In my own experience after being recruited from abroad, initiating a new life in The Netherlands, I got all the support I needed from Van Storm. All required paperwork in the country, house settlement, career follow up and development was taken with a very proactive approach from their side. I would highly recommend Van Storm to anyone in need of a new job or professional experience in this industry rather than other recruiting companies and personally, in case of finding myself looking for another job opportunity they would be definitely my first point of contact."

Emilio | Technical Inspector | Offshore  

"Van Storm are professional recruiters and contractors with a sound knowledge about the market which they are working in. Further to their level of proficiency they have a great heart with a good feeling about what it means when people take risks of changing jobs or starting a new life in another country. Van Storm is a genuinely trustful guide with supportive attitudes. In any circumstances they are capable of finding a win-win point thus you can be confident that they will keep an eye on your benefits as well.
In my case, Van Storm did all the arrangements for me to establish a new life together with my family in Netherlands, From picking me up at the airport to renting the house or even guiding me how to provide tax papers. I appreciate all this.."

Amir | Lead Electrical Engineer | Offshore   

"Highly motivated and proffesional recruitment team for skilled engineering proffesionals. Recruitment agency with no hidden agenda. I recommend Van Storm to all expats who are coming to work in Netherlands."

Ervin | Aftersales Engineer | Offshore   

"I first met the Van Storm team when they reached out to me for a job in the Dutch Maritime sector. I was still working in my home country back then and even though relocating to another country seemed quite a move, Van Storm made sure that all this transition went smooth. They guided me through the interview process, gave me plenty of advice regarding the Dutch job market and convinced me for the benefits one young engineer might have in the Netherlands. After the job was landed, they went on and supported me throughout the whole process of relocation, finding a house and settling in the Netherlands. My personal advice to anyone who is seeking to find a new job in the maritime/offshore industry, Van Storm is definitely the company to contact."

Ioannis | Electrical Engineer | Shipbuilding   

"When I had the first approach with Van Storm, they wanted to listen carefully about my skills and my competences in order to help me with the new job searching.

Moreover, I had also talked with other recruitment agencies before to start with Van Storm and when I started to talk with Van Storm, I felt that they cared about me not only as an employee but also as a human being.
Therefore, they do not want to ‘sell’ anyone but they want to give someone the best opportunity in the job career.

I really appreciated everything that Van Storm did for me in the past year."

Pietro | Structural Designer | Yacht Building 

"Van Storm offered me all the support needed to make it possible to change my job. The consultants are very experienced and offered all the help needed to prepare for an interview. In addition, all logistical support for conducting the interview in person was offered by the company as airfare, accommodation and transportation.
The services provided were not just about getting a new job, but about making the experience of change as easy as possible considering the current pandemic moment we are experiencing. Van Storm offered me all the support to make the change possible both in the part of the necessary documentation (for the job and the 30% rule) and to find a suitable home for my family's needs.
In addition, I believe that the humane treatment they offer to their clients ends up developing a relationship beyond the professional. I can say without a doubt that I would recommend this company and its team to my friends and family."

Alex | Hydrodynamics Engineer | Offshore 

"My experience with Van Storm is 100% positive. To any of my colleagues I would recommend Van Storm as a recruitment agency. Difference between Van Storm and other recruitment agencies is that Van Storm really cares about people. For them is not all about the money. And they understand people needs as well. Preparation process, Interview process, first time in Netherlands, relocation and support is fenomenal. Really outstanding team."

Mihael | Structural Designer | Yacht Building  

"Indeed for me VanStorm was a beautiful Storm ⛈ ☔️!Although finding a job in the Netherlands as an international can be hard, for me to find a job here, was very easy and that’s because of Van Storm. They guided me step by step from the beginning, with the interviews, and after that with all the paper work, support on acquiring 30% tax ruling, finding a house and all this stressing and hard stuff. Van Storm did it perfect, on time and extremely satisfactory!
The transition from Romania to Netherlands was very smoothly, I don't even have time to blink, and I was comfortably settled in my new home, with BSN and Bank account ready for the next step in my career.
Van Storm’s support didn’t stops after I started my new job. Every single time i received a fast answer for every question, and a very fast solutions for all my challenges (Health insurance, new apartment etc). They always gave me the most relevant information in a logical way. It was a real pleasure to collaborate with Van Storm."

Ionut | Design Engineer | Yacht Building  

"My experience with Van Storm was excellent. I have no complaints at all. Since the first contact and until today (with 16 days left to finish the contract), Van Storm helped me with everything.
Van Storm helped me during the interview process by giving me tips on how it would be, made all the arrangements for me to come to Holland for face-to-face interviews, giving all the support for airfare, accommodation, food and transportation. After the client's approval, they gave me all the support and assistance during my move to NL, with the visa process, finding an apartment, rental contract, they picked me up at the airport and took me to the new apartment, welcome box with some Dutch items, descriptive guide for the first days in Holland.
After a few days living in the Netherlands, they went with me to the bank to open an account and to the Municipality for registration and residence permit. In addition, they made my 30% ruling application and helped with the Income Tax application. I can only be grateful for all the support and cooperation."

Cecilia | Electrical Engineer | Offshore Equipment 

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